I am a Sydney based, self taught, contemplative photographer who uses images to illuminate and deepen my experience of life.

The process of Photography for me (as a way of seeing and connecting with myself and my world) has been and continues to be a profound and healing experience.
It is wonderful to be able to share the images I make with others and get feedback that they are meaningful to them too.

The writings of poet and philosopher, John O'Donohue has influenced the way I see and create images. 
His reminder of the power of beauty speaks deeply to my experience of life.
"We can hold out in very bleak places if we are in touch with the presence of beauty."

His writings, poetry, blessings inspired my quest to find beauty (soul food for me) each day and to "take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention".

It is my hope that my images will serve as a visual touchstones to soothe you and reconnect you back to yourself and the present moment. 


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  1. How did I not know you had started a blog, Beth??? Beautiful! I love the photos with the quotes and hope to read even more of your writing now. Congrats!


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